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 The Law Office of K.R. Whittenburg, PLLC

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  1. Criminal Law
    Criminal Law
    We handle a wide variety of criminal cases from arrest to disposition. Ms. Whittenburg is a former deputy prosecutor who is familiar with the criminal justice system and will ensure your rights are protected.
  2. Family Law
    Family Law
    Our firm specializes in a wide variety of family law cases: divorce (contested/uncontested), child custody, adoptions, name changes, and more.
  3. Business Law
    Business Law
    From small businesses to large firms, our office is here to help with your various business needs.
We Fight for You!
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I specialize in family law,  contested/uncontested divorce, name change, custody modifications, DUI/DWI. I have been practicing law for over 8 years in Indiana and recently moved to Texas a little over a year ago as a licensed attorney in both Indiana and Texas. I have great affordable rates for excellent legal representation, I also do flat fees or hourly which ever is preferred.